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~Major League Baseball Macros~

Where The Humor Of Baseball Comes To Life Via Pictures

MLB Macros...The Funny Side Of Baseball Is Here!
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This is the place for all of you creative masterminds who love to add humor and captions to pictures. This community is designed for the humorous baseball fans out there. Everyone sees a funny moment or two during a game, so why not show them off to the LJ World?

The Rules Of The Community:

1. No flaming other people and their creations...if you choose to violate my request, then you will be banned from the community...fair enough I think!

2. No trolling/spamming our community. Do NOT advertise any communities in here either. I have already affiliated a couple great communities with this one, so feel free to check them out and join too!

3. All macro posts MUST be put inside an LJ cut!!! Some people out there may be using dial-up and we want to cater to them too!

4. You may make requests in here for certain players and anyone can make them for you, not just me...but anyone :)

5. HAVE FUN...after all, that is what this is all about!!!

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